Mind, Body and Soul

Re-energise, recharge and rebalance.

June and Elaine (click here to read more about their story) offer you the opportunity to energise your mind, body and spirit over a weekend in the nurturing environment of Ballygraffan.


Time Out to Tune In

You cannot be happy in life, unless you are tuned into yourself, your goals and understand how to share them with the world.

Elaine and June will guide you through a transformative weekend which will enable you to get back in touch with yourself and provide you with clarity on where you want your life to go.

When? 21st, 22nd, 23rd September


Body Spirit: Mind and Energise for 2019

Join us in an intimate group to celebrate what you loved about 2018 and let go of what you didn’t, before re-aligning, setting bold intentions for 2019 and stepping toward on abundant and joyful 2019.

3rd, 4th January

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Let me introduce myself ….

I’m Elaine, 40-odd year old mum of 4 boys and wife to Graham. I have always been intuitive. It hasn’t always been easy and in fact, for a lot of my life, I was freaked out by what was going on inside my head.

When I began training in Reiki, I started to reconnect with my gifts and I was clearly shown times from childhood when I had disconnected from my true self… The thing is, I can see, feel and hear energy and after becoming a Reiki Master I began a personal mastery which I am still in the process of doing. I am a work in progress.

I now use my gifts to support others and I am so grateful for this role. I have dedicated my life to being in service.

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People may come to see me because they have experienced a trauma. Often I am able to tell them what happened before they share and I can support them in the healing process.
I am not a psychic – I do not predict the future. I believe that we are the only people who can control our future.

But through my work with many many people over the years, one thing I know for sure is that you cannot create the future you dream of if you’re still stuck in the past with old, outdated stagnant energy around you.
I am able to support the clearing of this energy and bring you back into balance.

Besides Clearing and Healing one-to-one sessions, I hold regular group workshops. These are always booked up in advance and I also I teach Reiki from level 1 beginners up to master level.
In 2017 I traveled to mount Shasta, California and completed my teacher training in Angelic Breath work. I love teaching Angelic Breath to individuals and groups.

I am a Pisces and a typical one at that! I go with the flow and I am quite a laid-back, nurturing person.

I love my work and am constantly grateful for the people I get to connect with. It always feels like such a privilege to know my calling.

It’s wonderful to be working alongside June and the horses. I know this is an offering that will support many people. We are being called to offer Retreats at Ballygraffan because the land there is so healing.
This, added to my gifts and experience and your commitment and investment to take time away to dedicate time to yourself, will be a recipe for magic.

Can’t wait to meet you
Much love


I’m a property developer, Chartered Landscape Architect, international equestrian, leadership trainer and personal development coach and I am blessed to live in the most beautiful, spiritual and uplifting place – Ballygraffan.

I am probably best known for my development in 2006 of a city centre car park into the 132 bedroom Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast which I then ran for 8 years before selling in 2015.
Even before then, I had been focussed on personal development and the process of following your passion and intuition rather than doing what others expect.
This led me to study in the US for a year to become a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. I had the honour of being selected to be mentored for a further year by New York Times best selling author, Christy Whitman. I even shared a stage with Lisa Nichols, (The Secret) Lisa Sassevich and Bob Doyle (The Secret) at one or Christy’s live events.

As a result, I am registered with the International Coaching Federation – the gold star accreditation for coaching. I am also a Creating Money certified coach and have completed Reiki level 2.

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Horses have always been a huge part of my life. I have ridden competitively at International level for over 20 years and have over 40 years experience of working with and learning from horses.
Whilst studying in the States, I was amazed to discover that horses were being used for coaching and therapy work. Immediately, I studied and mentored with a Horse Assisted Learning expert in UK and received full accreditation with EAHAE (European Assoc. for Horse Assisted Educators) to practice coaching work with my own horses. I have been doing this incredibly rewarding work ever since for blue chip companies, veterans and individuals.

Have I mentioned that I live in an incredible place?
Well, part of the success in my coaching work I have to credit to the unique environment I work in. Everybody is blown away by the views and the atmosphere here. They slow down and relax as soon as they arrive.

I have realised that it is essential that I allow others to sample the amazing, healing and re-energising properties of Ballygraffan that I love so much and I have converted some of the stables into luxury accommodation and created magical spaces within the landscape to enable this to happen.

Finally, I am bringing together all my career experience and passions my landscape design, hospitality, coaching, energy work, mindfulness and, of course, my horses and home, into one venture.

In addition, I have partnered with my gifted and hugely intuitive friend and businesswoman, Elaine Johnston, to deliver special weekend retreats focusing on mind and body and spirit to provide transformation, healing, fun, connection to the land and nature, connection to other like-minded people and most of all, connection to yourself and your purpose.
You can count on me to be real, authentic and transparent, and to be honest about my mistakes and shortcomings. I’ll share with you about the obstacles I’ve faced in my own life and what I have done and continue to do to transform them.
It’s an opportunity to reboot, recharge and rebalance your whole system.
Time out to tune in.

And so, Retreats at Ballygraffan has been born.


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